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SiPM & PMT Readout Systems up to 128 Channels
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Up to 64 High Speed Counting Channels
SiPM & PMT Photon Counting System

Multichannel Preamplifier Systems

Direct connections to multianode photomultiplier tubes

SiPM Interface Boards

Silicon Photomultiplier & MPPC Interface Boards

Support for the Latest SiPM and MPPC Arrays
 Hamamatsu MAPMT Interface Boards

Position Sensitive Multianode PMT Interface Products

Boards for 8 to 256 Channel Multianode Photomultiplier Tubes

Hamamatsu PMT Interface Boards

Linear Multianode PMT Interface Products

Boards for Linear PMTs with up to 32 Anodes
APD Array Interface Boards

Interface Boards for Avalanche Photodiode Arrays

Products for 16 and 32 Element APD Arrays
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Exceeding 1000 Channels

Multichannel Charge Integrating DAQ Systems

Charge Integrating DAQThe PhotoniQ line of high performance multi-channel data acquisition systems consists of high dynamic range and high speed versions from 2 channels up to 128 channels. These charge integrating DAQ systems include graphical user interface software and USB drivers that allow the unit to connect to a PC for real time collection and analysis of SiPM, PMT, and APD event data.

PhotoniQ High Speed Pulse Counting Systems

Photon Counting SystemVertilon’s high speed pulse counting systems support direct connection of up to 64 individual SiPM, PMT or APD devices. These fully configurable products support adjustable counting thresholds and include advanced gating functions that operate at sub nanosecond resolution. The products include the graphical user interface software and USB drivers for real time collection of sensor data on a PC.

Preamplifier Systems for Multianode PMTs


The SIB064-2152 MAPMT Preamplified Sensor Interface Board in combination with two AMP320 32 Channel Amplifiers, provides a high speed 64 channel system for direction connection to large MAPMTs. This system is ideal for timing applications and waveform digitization.

Silicon Photomultiplier & MPPC Interface Products

Silicon Photomultiplier InterfaceVertilon manufactures sensor interface boards for the latest silicon photomultiplier and multipixel photon counter arrays from Hamamatsu, On Semiconductor, Ketek, and Broadcom. The boards are configured using a graphical user interface that provides for bias adjustment as well as control over trigger and timing functions. All Vertilon sensor interface boards are 100% compatible with our PhotoniQ DAQ systems.

Position Sensitive PMT Sensor Interface Boards

PSPMT InterfaceSensor interface boards for the most commonly available position sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PSPMT) are offered as standard Vertilon products. These products interface directly to Vertilon’s PhotoniQ multichannel charge integrating readout systems. PMT bias voltage and last dynode discriminator and timing functions are easily configured using the PhotoniQ graphical user interface.

Sensor Interface Boards for Linear PMTs

Linear Multianode PMT InterfaceLinear multianode photomultiplier tubes are most often used in spectral measurement systems where a grating placed in front of the sensor splits the incoming light into bands that can be individually resolved by the PMT. Vertilon provides interface boards for linear PMTs from 8 elements up to 32 elements. Applications for these devices include bioaerosol fluorescence detection, multispectral flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, laser scanning detection and angular light scattering.

APD Array Sensor Interface Boards

APD Array InterfaceVertilon manufactures interface products for linear and two-dimensional (2D) avalanche photodiode arrays. These products are  directly connected to our data acquisition systems which performs simultaneous parallel readout of the APD charge signals. Typical applications include fluorescence detection and spectroscopy. They also have uses in high energy physics and particle position sensing.