Pulse Height Analyzers / Pulse Timing Analyzers

Vertilon pulse analyzers are high speed digital instruments that capture fast pulses from nuclear particle and event detectors. They measure intrinsic characteristics of the pulse that include shape, height, absolute time of arrival, and time of arrival difference. The Vertilon DPA201 two channel unit is ideal for use as a pulse height analyzer (MCA), time-to-digital converter (TDC), waveform digitizer, coincidence / anti-coincidence detector, discriminator, particle counter, multichannel scaler (MCS), charge-to-digital converter (QDC), or pulse shape analyzer.

DPA201 Two Channel Pulse Analyzer

  • Two channels of pulse height / pulse timing
  • Waveform sampling and acquisition
  • 500 MHz sampling
  • General purpose lab instrument
  • USB interface to computer
  • Programmable timing and energy filters
  • Selectable discriminators
  • List mode of pulse height and time of arrival data
  • Dual histogram of energy and time
  • Time-to-digital converter
  • GUI configurable
  • Real-time display and logging
  • Log file playback

Product Sheet: DPA201 Two Channel Pulse Analyzer
User Manual: DPA201 Two Channel Pulse Analyzer

DPA201 Block Diagram

The DPA201 has the capability to operate in four acquisition modes — oscillogram, list mode, histogram, and multichannel scaler (MCS). The standard software package for the DPA201 supports oscillogram mode where the unit operates as a two channel pulse digitizer configurable through the included graphical user interface. This mode is used to capture and stream pulse waveform segments to the GUI for real-time display and logging to the computer. It is extremely useful for setup, diagnostics, and implementing user-defined off-line waveform processing functions. Each input channel consists of a fully programmable timing signal path comprised of noise reduction filters, an arming circuit, and three types of user-selectable discriminators. The timing path generates high resolution timestamps and trigger signals that are used by the energy path in the other acquisition modes. List mode, histogram (MCA) and multichannel scaler (MCS) functionality are available separately through optional software upgrades. In list mode, pulse height signals are processed in the energy path by a moving average noise filter, a trapezoidal shaping filter, a pole-zero compensator, and baseline subtractor. The resulting energy and timestamp data are displayed in the GUI and logged to disk. The system’s playback mode allows log files to be retrieved from disk and played back in the GUI display. Energy and time data can be further processed with the optional histogram and MCS software.

Oscillogram Mode




  • Real-Time Waveform Display
  • Up to Four Waveforms
  • Selectable Timing / Energy Signals
  • Variable # of Samples per Waveform
  • Dual Cursor Set
  • High Speed Waveform Logging
  • Playback of Logged Files on Display

List Mode



  • Up to Four Lists of Data
  • Height, Time of Arrival, Delta Time
  • Real-Time Display of Lists
  • Programmable Timing Parameters
  • Programmable Energy Parameters
  • High Speed List Data Logging
  • Playback of List Files on Display

Histogram Mode



  • Single/Dual Histogram Display
  • Energy/Time Data Plots
  • Live Histogram Display
  • Region of Interest Cursors
  • Programmable Number of Bins
  • Histogram Logging
  • Histogram Playback