Vertilon’s OEM program is designed to help our partners efficiently develop and bring products to market. By fostering strong working relationships and building on our considerable experience in electronic instrumentation and product development, Vertilon’s team works closely with our partners to specify, design, and produce custom and semi-custom hardware and software for use with our products. Engagements can range from simple software modifications to our products to optimize performance or add functionality, to full custom design. Building your next product on the power and versatility of Vertilon’s PhotoniQ platform may very well be the most rapid and cost effective way to get your electro-optical product to market.

All Vertilon PhotoniQ products are available as OEM versions without the instrument enclosure. Aside from mechanical interface differences, the PhotoniQ OEM products are identical in functionality and performance to their non-OEM counterparts


OEM Sensor Interface Boards

Although many of the more commonly available sensor arrays are supported by Vertilon’s line of sensor interface boards, occasionally there is a need for a custom version. Most often one is required for a sensor device that is not currently supported by Vertilon or for mechanical modifications of a standard SIB to fit a user’s setup requirements. There are however instances where a user needs a custom SIB to hold multiple devices butted together on a printed circuit board. Whatever your reason, Vertilon offers expert engineering services to design a custom sensor interface board to fit your needs.

Custom Firmware and Software

The extra computational power reserved in the Vertilon data acquisition system hardware is available for use by customers who wish to add embedded algorithms to their products. While this is one of the more common uses for the reserved processing power, others include application specific I/O for status and control I/O and expanded user interface functionality. The PC-resident GUI software and USB drivers are also open for customization.