Application Notes

Silicon Photomultiplier ReadoutTechniques for silicon photomultiplier readoutAN3326
Photomultiplier Tube ReadoutTechniques for photomultiplier tube readoutAN3325
PhotoniQ: Data Acquisition ModesEssential reading for the user who wishes to understand how to use PhotoniQ multichannel data acquisition systems in scanned imaging applications such as confocal microscopy, and particle analysis applications like bioaersol detection and flow cytometry. The application note provides a detailed description on how the PhotoniQ acquires data and provides a context for understanding some of its performance specifications.AN3320
PhotoniQ: Data Processing ArchitectureThe data processing architecture of PhotoniQ data acquisition systems is described in this application note. The document provides an overview of the parallel architecture of the digitization and hardware signal processing functions and a brief description of the operation of the on-board DSP. This note is a good starting point for users who wish to get a basic understanding of the capabilities of the PhotoniQ product line. AN3317
PhotoniQ: Triggering & IntegrationA primer on the trigger and integration modes of the PhotoniQ, this application note includes descriptions and illustrations for each of the PhotoniQ's powerful triggering modes and how they relate to the integration parameters.AN3318
PhotoniQ: Speed and ThroughputThis document describes some of the specifications governing the data acquisition speed and data transfer speed of the PhotoniQ. The terms minimum event pair resolution (MEPR), maximum trigger rate (MTR), and sustained average event rate (SAER) are defined. A short discussion on event buffer sizing is also given.AN3316
Accessing PhotoniQ Events Using Windows MessagingLarge quantities of high speed events from the PhotoniQ are accessed with the provided DLL using Windows messaging. This document is used in conjunction with the Microsoft Visual Studio example program which can be downloaded here.AN3323
Hamamatsu R2486 PMT ReadoutDescribes two configurations for connecting a Hamamatsu R2486 crossed wire anode PMT to a Vertilon PhotoniQ data acquisition system.AN3324
Using a PhotoniQ in a PET ScannerProvides a short description of how to setup a PhotoniQ data acquisition system in a custom PET scanner using silicon photomultipliers and multianode PMTs.AN3321
Using a PhotoniQ in a DNA SequencerProvides a short description of how to setup a PhotoniQ data acquisition system in a DNA sequencer using multianode PMTs.AN3322